Us Wayfarers were invited to Trapdoor’s very first gig. What were we to expect? They were the opening band to a sold out crowd. We arrived early for a brief chat with the boys. Twenty minutes later and they’re on stage blowing minds. We have a moshpit rocking out one song deep, a cabaret of fans, new and old, and chicks’ panties flying left right and centre. Okay, the last one may have been exaggerated, but the rest was aweinspiring. If you could play a first gig then you’d want it to go exactly like that night.

Retro Hours with Hoot Threads

The times, they are-a-changin. We sit back and watch the world go by as history repeats itself. Disagree if you may but truth is we are seeing the fashion of the past come and go quicker than Kelly’s decisions to retire. But how does a label, up and coming, from the beaches of Coolangatta, decide what to produce next? The market, such a flimsy film, is ever changing. The minds of the youth are ever wanting the new coolest thing.