Retro Hours with Hoot Threads

The times, they are-a-changin. We sit back and watch the world go by as history repeats itself. Disagree if you may but truth is we are seeing the fashion of the past come and go quicker than Kelly’s decisions to retire. But how does a label, up and coming, from the beaches of Coolangatta, decide what to produce next? The market, such a flimsy film, is ever changing. The minds of the youth are ever wanting the new coolest thing.


How do you guys define the future and what is it to you?

Jamie: Exciting. Something we don’t plan towards ‘cause hey, we never expected to be here today. We really just take it as it comes.

Morgan: Take it as it comes, bigger things, taking on some sponsors and throwing some parties yeah.

Reason I ask this is because we’re seeing a lot of recurring fashions in the clothing industry, it’s been happening for years and it’s gonna keep happening. From a local up and coming clothing brand, do you see yourselves falling into this trend, and if you do what can we expect?

Morgan: Yeah. We probably would, because it’s the way you have to go to sell clothes, really. Gotta follow the trends and stuff.

Jamie: Don’t think we’ll follow it entirely, but you gotta do some stuff to get noticed.

Morgan: Yeah.

Jamie: I reckon we’d be pretty close to it.

So you’re just going about it your own way?

Jamie & Morgan: Yeah, possibly even create the new trend.

So do you see yourselves trying to fall into this trend with bringing back the past in a more local way, like bringing back Cooly insignia, Cooly branding, styles…

Morgan: Yeah, like a few old School shirts. But yeah, I guess so.

Jamie: Well you will get to that stage where you’re making the same material over and over again and we’ll want to do something different.

Cool cool. But you two are obviously the bunch that decide which designs are getting printed, how do you come up with these designs and deciding which t-shirt to go with?

Morgan: I don’t know really. LAUGHS.

So sort of like how you see the future?

Morgan: LAUGHS. Yeah, sort of. I guess, it just sort of happens. We chuck a couple designs in the works and just work with that.

Jamie: LAUGHS, basically.

Okay, so where’s the inspiration coming from? Both in a clothing brand and in your design work.

Jamie: Usually we see what’s going around at the moment, and not to really replicate, but what we can do similar but will sell as well, yet in our own style.

I know some of your designs are your own, how do you sit down and say ‘this is what I want to draw and bring up for our brand’?

Jamie: Well I reckon it’s just like how we got the first logo. We just said – I mean it just all comes with circumstance – like, we’ll say an owl, and then like one of us will be smoking a pipe, and then all of a sudden there’s an owl with a top-hat on. And they just all come together.

LAUGHS. Sweet. So when it comes to others, are you open to expertise from other artists?

Morgan: Yeah, for sure. It’s the only way to go. You can’t just have a closed mind, you’ve got to have an open mind and listen to other’s suggestions and shit.

Jamie: Take everything on board.

Morgan: For sure.

Jamie: We’ve got people that send stuff in that we look at and that sort of stuff.

Morgan: Yeah, we’ve worked with a few people already and it’s worked out well, so… its all good.

Similar for sponsorship?

Morgan: Definitely something to look at in the future and stuff.

Do people come to you with designs, are you open to that even? Something needs to be brewed a bit more?

Jamie & Morgan: Yeah.

Of course. Love it. Being both fairly different, yet at the same time similar, how do both your minds work together, like you’re more of–

Morgan: Yeah, I’m just a genius.

Everyone: LAUGHS.

Morgan: Jamie’s dumb so… we just kind of meet in the middle I guess.

Jamie: LAUGHS, see what I’ve got to work with?


STOPS LAUGHING. But seriously, how?

Everyone: LAUGHS.

Anyway. But is there a system that you two work with together or do you both just come up with your own things?

Morgan: Sometimes we just come up with the same ideas at the same time pretty much.

Jamie: And if we’ve got different ones we just stop and see what’s what, and depending on what type of shirt we want to bring out we see what suits better.

You two are obviously good mates, how hard is it to find spare time for Hoot and separate between business partners and mates? Do you guys have a line between, or…?

Jamie & Morgan: LAUGH.

Jamie: Not really. Doing the drawings and what not is the same as just hanging out, pretty much.

Morgan: We just do it anyway. Sit down. Muck around. CHUCKLES.

Where do your thoughts and designs originate? Do you have a favourite era to replicate?

Morgan: I reckon that sort of ‘70’s, skate–

Jamie: Like that photo on the wall there (points to photo of combie on the beach)

Morgan: Yeah yeah, like the ‘60’s, ‘70’s surf-skate era kinda thing.

Do you guys have an element from that era that you’d like to replicate and try and make your own?

Jamie: I don’t know, maybe a few objects more so. When you see  stuff like that (points to picture) it just makes you think of back then, it creates a good mood, you know?

So are you thinking of collaborating something like that into your designs, somthing that can create that feel about your brand like that photo does for the ‘60’s?

Morgan: Yeah, bring it back.

Jamie: We have that idea in the back of our head.

From any era, even our own, who would be your target to be seen wearing your clothes?

Morgan: Anyone really, surfers, skaters. Just talented people. Mates. It’s just good seeing your clothes around.

Jamie: It’s good going around and seeing a person you don’t know wearing your designs.

Morgan: Like going to a festival and seeing someone.

Jamie: Yeah. It’s pretty sick. But yeah, anyone that basically falls under our category.

Yeah yeah, that’s wicked. Got to love the local wearers. On the local, lets talk the theme of all things, wayfarin and what not, what is home in all this, and what does home mean to you?

Jamie: Hmm…

How is it important to your brand, or how is it important to humbling your brand?

Morgan: I don’t know really. Just need the lifestyle. Mates. And home.

Jamie: Feels good when everyone is together and the feeling carries on.

So what I’m getting is, that home isn’t necessarily a place for you–

Morgan: Yeah, not really.

–its more of who-you’re-with and what-you’re-doing type of thing?

Jamie: Yep.

Morgan: Yeah.

Alright, cool. Old Skool trends. What’s next? What do you guys think the next trend is going to be? We’ve seen the bucket hats and denim.

Morgan: The Flapback.

Jake & Jamie: LAUGH.

Ah. The ol’ preschool flapback.

Morgan: The grade three sand pit flapback.

Everyone: LAUGHING.

Morgan: But not even kidding, seen a chick wearing one the other night. A trendy five panel with the flapback.


Morgan: I was like ‘are you fucking kidding me?’ Yeah, it was heavy. But yeah, anyway, I don’t know.

Do you think anything will come back, or has everything been through enough that its just all about the future?

Jamie: Well I reckon what’s around now has obviously ‘come back’ so yeah, it’s a constant trend. It just keeps circulating. But it always changed that little bit, so it’s too hard to guess, but if you do guess that than obviously you’re winning.

So you’re mentioning the flapback–

Jamie: LAUGHS.

–Are you giving us all a big wink at to what’s next?

Morgan: LAUGHS.

Are we gonna see a Hoot Threads edition Flapback?

Morgan: Ohhh, nah I don’t think we’ll be running any of them through.


Morgan: Leave that to the fishing crew.

Jamie: Yup.

Alright. Moving on. Some people might say, for example, that what you guys did in starting your brand that it’s an ambitious path to take, as it has no guaranteed return and what not. What would say to those people and why did you chose to make a label?

Morgan: Haters make me stronger… LAUGHS. Nah…


Morgan: Nah.

Jamie: You’ve got to take it all as a bit of fun.

Morgan: Its all just fun and games really.

So on top of that, how do you find the inspiration for your designs? Like your Beard Tee, its just a man with half an inked face and beard, is that inspired by a tattoo?

Morgan: I think all the inspiration is all from social media these days really.

Jamie: It just gets in your head without you realising and you play with it.

Morgan: Yeah, for sure.

Jamie: Although, I do reckon in the future it will stay around the pencil art, it won’t go into water colour or water paintings or anything.

Morgan: We wont be doing any Ed Hardy stuff or anything.

Yeah, so all fine line.

Jamie: Yeah.

Morgan: Everything’s clean. Clean designs.

Okay, so just before we wrap it up. Is there anything you two would like to say, say to your fans? To let anyone know, not just about your brand, but about yourselves? The lifestyle you want your label to give out?

Jamie: Have a go yourselves, grab a mate, slam out some designs,  definitely have some fun, get yourself known and if all goes well you could be the next best thing, imagine the parties then. LAUGHS


Morgan: LAUGHS.

Lastly, what’s the go with the whole recurring fashions, you reckon it’ll keep coming about or will there be a definitive line where all fashion is moulded into an era?

Jamie: Who knows, but I think we will keep making our stuff how we do, all by circumstance.

Okay, well what’s next for Hoot Threads?

Jamie: Yeah, winter is done and summer will be coming and it’s just a whole new ball game. You stop looking for designs and more for comfort and that sort of stuff.

Good stuff. Just before we sign off, you boys want to say anything?

Morgan: Yeah. Look out for junkies.

Jamie: Yew


Feature Photo by Morgan Schaffer | @mymatemorgs

Published by Us Wayfarers, issue 1

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