The Night Before J Bay with Adrian Buchan

We all know Ace Buchan. He’s headed for J-Bay again this year to, hopefully, make his folks proud. He’s lucked out in the past, but who can blame him? Jeffery’s Bay. Are you kidding? That place is mental. Every year I watch the epic battles that J-Bay’s offered. I’ve witnessed back-hand riders nail Supertubes, the clash of surfing titans, and the force of nature that binds it all together. However, every year, as Ace so simply puts it, there can only be one winner.

Noah Fuzi and the Mega Ramp

Noah Fuzi is one of Australia’s up-n-coming transition skaters and has now challenged new heights by taking on the mega ramps in the United States. The 18-year-old Sydney dweller, currently tackling California, has been thrashin’ the Woodward West skate park with a few of his buds.