Noah Fuzi and the Mega Ramp

Noah Fuzi is one of Australia’s up-n-coming transition skaters and has now challenged new heights by taking on the mega ramps in the United States. The 18-year-old Sydney dweller, currently tackling California, has been thrashin’ the Woodward West skate park with a few of his buds.

As skaters we watch impressed, though as Australians we’re just stoked to see a homegrown Aussie kid over there havin’ a go! We’ve all got this hunger that longs for the thrill, the feeling of dropping from the heights of the mega ramp, but we ain’t all getting that opportunity. So, we did the next best thing. We asked Noah to describe it for us, with our exclusive sneak peek into the mind of Noah Fuzi and the Mega Ramp.



How’s Cali?

NF: Cali is absolutely insane. Everything over here is so different to home but I love it. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and skate with all the people I’ve looked up to as well as skate all the places I’ve watched growing up.

NF: So it has been so surreal for me but I’m super stoked to finally make it out here and progress and then bring it back to Aus!

What have you been up to over there?

NF: I came over here originally for one of the biggest skate contests (Vans Kombi Pool Party) which was insane. The level of skateboarding over here is mental. Other than that I’ve just been shooting a bunch of photos and filming as much as possible, trying to progress and push my name out here in the U.S.

Skate some cool places?

NF: Yeah! I got to skate Bob Burnquists back yard dream land which was a dream to me. Just because I’ve always looked up to Bob and getting to go to his house and skate his mega ramp is just something I never imagined happening!

NF: I Also got to skate the Zeuners back yard vert ramp which was super fun, as well as plenty of other backyard spots and skateparks, there is seriously too much to skate over here it’s so overwhelming, haha.

Any funny moments?

NF: There have been so many funny moments. This one time I was just ordering subway and at the end the lady who was serving me asked me what language I was speaking … which I replied “I’m Australian”. She just laughed. I don’t even think she understood what I was saying then.

NF: She just didn’t understand my accent, haha.

NF: Oh, and this other time a bunch of us were getting Mexican for dinner and all of a sudden this guy rocks up next to us with just this foot-long machete at his waist – like it was nothing. We just got our food and left, haha, it’s just crazy to think that someone feels they have to walk around with a gun or a knife at any given time.

Who has been going mad?

NF: I’ve been with a bunch of rippers out here in the States that have been going absolutely ballistic. Pedro of course went off at Kombi, as well as my Hawaiian mate Heimana. It’s just great to hang out with all these amazing skaters and try keep up with them, haha.

Tell us about your experience at Woodward West. In particular, having a go at the Mega Ramp.

NF: Woodward west was for sure a great experience. Neil Hendrix, the brand manager at Woodward, has been coming to Aus for a while and every time he comes I speak to him about how when I come out to the States I’d love to go. Then I hit him up and he lets me and my Aussie mate, Noah, go as visiting Pros, which was way too fun.

NF: There is just so much to skate there it’s crazy, including the MEGA RAMP! The mega is insane it’s the biggest rush I’ve ever gotten while riding my skateboard. I only went from 3/4 up the roll in but even from there it’s a long way down. As you drop in you’re just going faster and faster until you finally make it to the quarter and then you just fly – it’s the best feeling ever. But seriously, you are like Mack-10ing it, going so bloody fast. I’m hoping that before I leave I go from the top and clear the gap.

How do you prepare for taking on the big ramps? Equipment? Training? Beers?

NF: Honestly, I had no idea how to prepare for it all. I was annoying Heimana cause he skates it all the time and I was asking him what to do. I discovered that I was greatly unprepared. He had this massive mega board that doesn’t turn, just goes straight down the mega because the last thing you want is to get death wobbles on that thing!

NF: But anyway, so he shared his board with me which was sick. Other than that, lots of the mega skaters wear like butt pads and all that but I had none of it, haha. So I just got told to wear long socks and long pants and all that because you don’t want any skin showing because when you slide out, if there is skin showing you are going to get the worst wood burn of your life.

NF: Other than that I was all good. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to have a tinny to ease my nerves as the drinking age over here is 21, haha.

Any plans to take on something bigger? What trick has been playing on your mind? What do you want to stomp?

NF: I’m planning on doing Bob’s mega from the top, do the gap and everything! I’ve spoken to a bunch of the best mega skaters and they all think I’ll be sweet, so I guess that’s my next big thing I’m planning on doing out here!

NF: My mums not too stoked on me doing it at all. She is super scared of it just ‘cause it is so ridiculously big. Other than that no particular tricks I’m working on but I certainly have been learning a bunch of new stuff which is always good!

When are you returning to Aus? Or rather, where are you heading next?

NF: I actually have no idea when I am returning to Aus, haha. But I’m in Colorado at the moment checking out the mountains and all. They also have an amazing skate culture here which is rad to see! But I’ve got a contest here on the weekend and after that I’m back to Cali. After Cali for a bit longer I’m then off to Europe just to travel and see the world for as long as I can and hopefully find awesome little places to skate all around Europe!


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