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Salte is a swim wear label from the Gold Coast, designed and created by Sharna Hupfeld, a twenty-three year old graphic designer and photo-journalist. If you think you’ve heard of Salte, then you’re probably not imagining it. The locally grown label has grown much beyond its roots, becoming a high profile attire all across Australia, and the world.

Four basic styles have rendered Salte and defined the name – which, for the curious, is Salt-ay (not Salt-ee, Salt-ah, Salt, or Saltana). For the surfer girls out there Salte may be your preferred bottoms of choice with a neo-preen cut especially made for surfers.

Sharna has thought of it all, with clever marketing, rad designs, and a clear cut vision there’s nothing bringing Salte down.


What made you decide to start Salte?

Sharna: I studied Photojournalism and Graphic Design at University. It wasn’t until after uni that I realised that I really liked designing beautiful prints and patterns. I feel super inspired when I see old tiles on the ground, old wallpapers, houses, and vintage fabrics.  I froth out on prints; and it would have been silly not to do something with it!


So that’s why I started, I didn’t have to think too much about where I could place the prints. I spend a lot of time at the beach, and am obsessed with the ocean, and bikinis – so wah lah. The birth of Salté

What inspires Salte’s collection?

Sharna: For my first range, I based all of my prints on the natural elements. I took my own images around my house, and manipulated them into epic looking prints. I have The Drifter (water), The Cypress (the land), The Sunseeker (the sun) & The Zephyr (the air). I find if you work on something that is close to your heart, it really personalises everything. I’m just about to release my second range, which is a bit different to the first. I found that every print that I created was entirely inspired by places that I want to travel to. Stay tuned

What do you do with yourself?

Sharna:I work heaps! But when I’m not working, I’m just chilling. I love being outside, adventuring, going on mini road trips, being with my friends and family, listening to music or patting random dogs.

It’s a Gold Coast label, so where is it available?

Sharna: At the moment, I have an online store. I also have a few shops who stock my bikinis in their stores, which is so rad!

Do you have plans with Salte, or are you just winging it?

Sharna: I have plans. Not a lot… but I now I’m going to keep going, because I  love it! At first, it was just a good little experiment, but the feedback has been really great. It’s pretty overwhelming.

Who’s your target?

Sharna: Anyone! Beach and sunshine lovers – just like me! No age limits. My mum has one of my new pieces and loves it.


Sharna: But I’ve had people of so many different ages wear them, which is what I wanted! It’s pretty cool.



Photos courtesy of Sharna Hupfeld | @sharnahupfeld

Published by Us Wayfarers, issue 1

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