Five with Mitch Parkinson

Mitch Parkinson is the local boy from Coolangatta surfing his way around the world all the while “trying to make it”. Us Wayfarers stopped by for a five minute grab pre-surf to figure out what “trying to make it” looks like with the Snapper surfer.

Turns out trying to make it is pretty much ‘made’ to some people, but there’s no relent in this reckoning force that is Mitch, as he takes it all on. One. Wave. At a time.


Who is Mitch Parkinson?

Mitch: I’m just your average nineteen year old surfer who’s trying to make it.

Where are you from?

Mitch: Coolanagatta

Why do you surf?

Mitch: Ahhh. I started when I was about three years old with my dad, my cousin, and my uncle, and they all loved to surf. So I was pretty much born into the ocean. I sort of had no choice.

Where do you surf?

Mitch: I surf Snapper

Is that your favourite spot?

Mitch: Yeah, definitely. I’ve surfed here since I was in nappies, probably.

You’ve been travelling in recent months. You’ve been to Japan, Indo. Discover any secret spots while you were out there?

Mitch: I was in Indo for a month and I went Desert Point  to start it, and that was the first time I had that really, really good, and I got some incredible waves. Then I flew home for two days and found out there was another swell and flew back and jumped north to Telos up near Sumatra and those were the best waves I’ve seen in my life. And I’d never surfed there so that would be my new discovery for myself.

Would that be your favourite place you’ve surfed recently?

Mitch: Yes, defintely. They’re the best waves I’ve ever seen in my life, really.

Do you have any mentors? Any one you look up to with your surfing and success?

Mitch: Ah yeah. I’ve always looked up to and surfed with Jay Phillips. He’s a really close family friend of mine and he always mentors me and tells me little things. When we go surfing he always tells me about contests, because he’s obviously had such a good career

How long have you been surfing competitively?

Mitch: It all starts … well its like little stepping stones. It went boardriders, I did boardriders since I was under nines. I remember doing that, and I did it until about under twelves, then I started others like the Occy Grom Comp and other stuff that still going these days.

Do you have a favourite board?

Mitch: Yeah. The one I was just de-waxing. This little swallow tail, 5’7” fat thing, it’s just one of those boards that make you wanna surf.

Who did the art on it?

Mitch: Louis Gervais

Favourite manoeuvre?

Mitch: Um. Oh, yeah, you can’t say no to getting barrelled.

When you’re not surfing what’s one of your favourite pastimes?

Mitch: I don’t know. I do a lot of things. I go fishing and just do a lot of weird shit, all the time.

Where you heading next?

Mitch: I’m off to Europe. I’m off to France, Spain, and Morocco.

Thanks for your time, Mitch.

Mitch: Not a problem.


Featured Photo by Morgan Schaffer | @mymatemorgs

Published by Us Wayfarers, issue 1

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