Raw is an erotic short story that explores the motif of sexual experimentation. This piece was tailored specifically for a casual reading audience, for Yume Magazine. Find the link to the story below.


Published by Yume Magazine, 2016


About Yume Magazine: Yume Means dream in Japanese—pronounced yu-meh. Yume Magazine is an independent bi-annual photography and arts magazine based in Australia. Yume started as a project by guys with a love for creativity. It was created to serve as a platform for local up-and-coming artists, illustrators, photographers and designers to share their work around town in a nicely printed package, as well as a way for its founders to reach out to some of their favourite creative people and pick their brains! The first five issues were printed in extremely limited runs. They were free to pick up around Geelong and Melbourne, free to check out online and also free of advertising. Readers could flick through 48 pages of uninterrupted great content. They were also 100% independently funded (with the exception of a kind donation for issue five) by its two founders. Now with new readers from all over the world, Yume Magazine has grown up. In keeping with our roots the magazine is still free to read online via Issuu. But now over 150+ pages and with contributions from new and renown local and international talents it is now available to purchase on demand via MagCloud, in beautiful print or convenient digital download. It is released bi-annually, alternating between Summer and Winter editions


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