Big Scary Play the Tivoli

An energetic set that echoes through the hall like an infections shockwave bounces through The Tivoli, pours out into Brisbane’s streets and broods everyone’s emotional dials to boogey. The light show is non-stop. At first it paints five silhouettes that is Big Scary on to a backdrop that alters from red to purple to blue. At times there’s perfect moon as it silhouettes the trumpet solo, and then there’s the cacophony of rapidly darting dots that force you to trace the exotic lines of dance patterns. To complement all that the light achieves, tapping in tune to the mood of the set, the vocals hit strong in more ways than one.

Tom’s voice is humble in it’s power. It creeps from low brooding melodies before belting into a wave of overwhelming clarity that stills the crowd and forces eyes to close. Not only is Tom capable of dialling the mood but the instrumental team know exactly how to set the tone, complementing every rise, every dive.

And if you’re not here for the music than it’s for the show. Tom draped in his nostalgic brown professor-esque jacket as he looms over the keys. Jo in her button down that flexes almost as much as her styling drum repetitions. Leading with fame attained Not Art and Animal foot tappers the direction takes a turn for yearning. The old days are forced upon us, for the better, as at long last Tom and Jo take stage alone, as they once had, and we’re Falling away.

You can feel the energy change. The smiles are fit, glued to faces. And not just those of fans. In-between banter and Tom’s hip shakes to Organism we’re wrapped and left dazzled. Yet…

The energy lingers.

The lights refuse to die.

And then the three song encore begins.

Thinking of You.
Leaving Home.

And the night ends how we all imagined it would… Leaving us wanting more.


Photographs Kathryn Farmer // Amplify

Published by Rabbit Radio

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