Fuzi Rolls Abroad

Surf Dive ‘n Ski Team Rider and RVCA Skate Advocate Noah Fuzi recently took to the air and tackled half the world with nothing but four wheels and a piece of timber. Fuzi recently made the trip out to California to hang and skate with filmer Brandon Jensen prior to ripping in comps throughout Europe. See the rad edit of a few weeks of shredding around the parks of Southern Cali and read the exclusive Surf Dive ‘n Ski interview where we chatted about life on the road.


NF: So I was in America before that, I was in America purely to just skate and film. I was filming a video that I, hopefully, have coming out with RVCA soon. And then I went straight from the States straight to Europe, which is like the equivalent of here to America. They’re both huge trips, so I was doing it all in one leg – just keeping it all going.

NF: I landed in London and flew London to France, landed super late at night and the culture shock hit me being in a totally different space, like, it was not what I was used to. Being in a totally foreign country.


NF: I’d be there before but for very brief times. But this time, someone picked me up from the airport, one of the skate organisers of the contest, who didn’t speak any English so from then on I knew what I was in for.

NF: We drove from the airport to town straight away and from there I did a contest that weekend but I was still super jetlagged and didn’t go so well.


NF: Ah, maybe like ten hours? But it sucked because I was in-between two meat-heads-


NF: -they were really big and I was in the isle between these two guys, so every time I asked to get up they made out like it was the biggest thing in the world, to move for me.


NF: So if I got up I got up for like two hours just circling. But anyway, I was there (FRANCE) for the Red Bull Bowl Rippers in Marseille – Marseille is a really iconic skate park; it’s got a rich history, like Cardiel went there and did the big 360 gap, and that was like one of the biggest things – and yeah, so anything that ever went down there or people that skated there, people always like remember what you did there. I was really hyped to be there to just be there and do what I can do in that park, just so other people could see how I skate.


NF: Yeah. Red Bull were pretty hyped. After the contest I did this Heel Flip Indi Front Side over the hip and everyone was frothing. So yeah, I wanted to just leave my mark, kind of thing.


NF: Yeah. After that- well, I was super happy with how I skated but I missed the finals by a few spots, which blows, but I guess whatever you don’t do you always learn from. So even if I didn’t do well it was a really good learning experience. Travelling all the way there, I was on the plane like ’What am I doing!’ I was so scared for the contest I was like ’What happens if I don’t do well’ . All those things were going through my head.

NF: I always feel like I get too caught up on everyone else but what I think I’m learning is that I focus on what I can do and do it as well as I can do so I can do as well as I can do.


NF: I did that contest and after that I was hanging with a bunch of friends from Sweden that I met and they were all like ‘We’re going to Spain, we’re going to go to this contest and skate here. You wanna come?’ and I was like … ‘Alright’.

NF: From there I jumped on an overnight bus, which was as long as my flight from America. So we had an overnight bus from the south of France to the north of Spain. So we got there and skated in a contest that day.


NF: No.


NF: I can’t sleep on busses, I can’t sleep on planes. I just can’t do it.

NF: So I got there, skated the contest that day and made the semis, after I couldn’t walk or anything, I was like fried. So after, we went back to – well, it was weird. The contest we went to was called La Catara Pro and they actually put us up in a Sports Centre. It was like a hostel for athletes training for the Olympics, or something. So then there was us skateboarders in this official sport place.

NF: There was netball players, swimmers and all that… we felt so out of place. Everyone was looking at us like ‘Who are these skaters? They’re not sport people.’ We actually had one night – we weren’t that loud, it was such bullshit – and they gave us a note on our door that said PEOPLE ARE TRAINING FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS, KEEP IT DOWN, PEOPLE NEED TO SLEEP. IF YOU DON’T YOU’LL BE KICKED OUT. So that was Spain.


NF: To be honest, at that point I’d been in the States for three weeks and then competing for two weeks and after that last contest La Cantara I was so burnt out. I should’ve given myself rest but I didn’t. My girlfriend was like ‘You should probably come home, you’re pretty tired.’ And I was pretty burnt out but at the same time, I was there and couldn’t let the opportunity pass, I still skated well, I did it, and experienced all that.

NF: But after Spain I flew back to the States and did a bit more filming. I stayed with my good friend Brandon and then from there it was home. Trying to settle back in.


Photograph RVCA.com.au

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