The Beilligerents are Back

Not only are the Belligerents back but they’ve found a sound that’s unique and best described as a worldly psych-pop. Hailing from Brisbane, the five piece have proudly launched their first full-length record, Science Fiction, opening a new chapter for Australian music. After nailing their Triple J Like-a-Version cover of Praise You and earning top slot as Triple J’s Feature Album, the man sticking it to the bass, Konstantin Kersting, sat down with us to give us the insight into Science Fiction and the inaugural Hey Sunshine Festival.

Science Fiction was born in paradise, a stretch of uninterrupted beaches, waves and tranquility. The boys, Konstantin says, escaped to Stradbroke Island for a fortnight of recording, something that not only enveloped the fellas in a relaxed atmosphere but added  a rawness to the record that only solidifies their art.

“It (Science Fiction) all came pretty naturally, we borrowed a bunch of gear and went and hired the Farmhouse on Stradbroke Island,” Konstantin says, “We didn’t want to go to a proper studio, we just wanted to hang out and have two week away from everything. I mean on some of the tracks you can even hear real bits o the Farmhouse. You could hear crickets on some songs, and some cows. I think on a couple tracks there might be some moos.

Yet to play Science Fiction and it’s elements in a live atmosphere, the Belligerents are pumped to hit the road. The October Hey Sunshine Festival in Burleigh Heads is set to be the historic first strum of single hits like Caroline and Before I am. “We’re really looking forward to it,” Konstantin says, “We’re pumped to play the Gold Coast. Every time we play the Gold Coast it’s always the best show of the tour.”

With nothing but dedication to the band, the Belligerents’ bassist foresees the remaining months of 2017 a fun-filled retinue of high energy shows. When asked what the Belligerents had in store Konstantin says, “This tour takes us through to November, and we’ve got a couple of festivals that we’re playing over the Christmas period. We’re doing a festival in Forster called Grow Your Own, and then Beyond the Valley, which going to be pretty fun. So that’s going to be the vibe for the rest of the year.”

Catch Konstantin, Lewis, Andy, Stag and James at Burleigh Brewery, October 14, for Hey Sunshine Festival.

Published by Rabbit Radio // September 2017

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