Unemployed & Rambling: about the self

How beautiful it would be

to know what is

in a world so caught up on

what was.

How do you define your self?

You think you know others. Not a question, a statement not truly recognised. Key word, think. The question that follows goes something like this — you think you know others yet can you really know others before knowing your self? I thought I knew my self, turns out I was but a fish in a tank and now I’ve been thrown in the ocean.

What do I know about my self? I studied journalism and the people of the world, a philosophical outlook on human nature. For how can you write without knowing people? Too I studied the writing craft. And not only that I fell into marketing, into digital marketing, into a retail society.

With that information one would say they knew me. But is your occupation, your knowledge, the definition of your identity?

We all die and in return the world will continue its journey. All we have left to us is to use the time that is given us. And since when did it say humanity was defined by their occupation? When someone asks us what we do our immediate response is to answer with our jobs. Why? Why do we define ourselves by something so trivial as the job we go to so we can live. We live, and that is what defines us, what we chose to do while we’re alive.

And what do I chose to do now? Well, I’ve always known. I want to change the world.

How do you change the world?

You change one person at a time.

How do you change a person?

You influence.

How do you influence?

You imprint your self on them?

How do you define your self?

Well, now isn’t that a question.


Photograph unsplash.com

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