The Beilligerents are Back

Not only are the Belligerents back but they’ve found a sound that’s unique and best described as a worldly psych-pop. Hailing from Brisbane, the five piece have proudly launched their first full-length record, Science Fiction, opening a new chapter for Australian music. After nailing their Triple J Like-a-Version cover of Praise You and earning top…

Fuzi Rolls Abroad

Surf Dive ‘n Ski Team Rider and RVCA Skate Advocate Noah Fuzi recently took to the air and tackled half the world with nothing but four wheels and a piece of timber. Fuzi recently made the trip out to California to hang and skate with filmer Brandon Jensen prior to ripping in comps throughout Europe.…

Moments with Big Scary

June 24 marks the return to Brisbane for Big Scary and not only have they evolved from the two- piece of yonder, they’ve too morphed into a set of epic transitions, tasteful percussion and subtle hip shakes. The release of ‘Animal’ has settled, and the fans have continued to grow for Jo and Tom, earning themselves a place in Triple J’s Hottest 100…

Five with Mitch Parkinson

Mitch Parkinson is the local boy from Coolangatta surfing his way around the world all the while “trying to make it”. Us Wayfarers stopped by for a five minute grab pre-surf to figure out what “trying to make it” looks like with the Snapper surfer.

Get Salte

Salte is a swim wear label from the Gold Coast, designed and created by Sharna Hupfeld, a twenty-three year old graphic designer and photo-journalist. If you think you’ve heard of Salte, then you’re probably not imagining it. The locally grown label has grown much beyond its roots, becoming a high profile attire all across Australia, and the world.

The Night Before J Bay with Adrian Buchan

We all know Ace Buchan. He’s headed for J-Bay again this year to, hopefully, make his folks proud. He’s lucked out in the past, but who can blame him? Jeffery’s Bay. Are you kidding? That place is mental. Every year I watch the epic battles that J-Bay’s offered. I’ve witnessed back-hand riders nail Supertubes, the clash of surfing titans, and the force of nature that binds it all together. However, every year, as Ace so simply puts it, there can only be one winner.