Big Scary Play the Tivoli

An energetic set that echoes through the hall like an infections shockwave bounces through The Tivoli, pours out into Brisbane’s streets and broods everyone’s emotional dials to boogey. The light show is non-stop. At first it paints five silhouettes that is Big Scary on to a backdrop that alters from red to purple to blue. At times there’s perfect…

Moments with Big Scary

June 24 marks the return to Brisbane for Big Scary and not only have they evolved from the two- piece of yonder, they’ve too morphed into a set of epic transitions, tasteful percussion and subtle hip shakes. The release of ‘Animal’ has settled, and the fans have continued to grow for Jo and Tom, earning themselves a place in Triple J’s Hottest 100…

Small Comfort

For the lotus to grow there must be a desolation.
In 2004 the South-Western Province of Sri Lanka was devastated by a tsunami that tore roots from the earth. Today we remember the fallen, yet as we are born anew each day too is the soil, too is the wind, too is the sea; as it wont to be.

The First Twelve

I’m slapped awake by some German fella who’s already stolen my seat tonight and has as much hair above his top lip as my testes did when I was 11. To be fair, we were disembarking flight AK47 and I was holding up row 23 from joining the hustle of frothing backpackers to get their…

Closing the Final Pages

Us Wayfarers is, sadly, at the end of its journey. What I concept-ed in a beer fuelled conversation and built on my dinosaur of a computer was widely well received and to all of you reading this, I thank you.


She had this twisted smile on her face, the kind that made her cheeks bubble. Sweat pooled in the napes of her neck, drizzling from her collarbones to the small gap between her breasts. Her bare chest heaved.

Five with Mitch Parkinson

Mitch Parkinson is the local boy from Coolangatta surfing his way around the world all the while “trying to make it”. Us Wayfarers stopped by for a five minute grab pre-surf to figure out what “trying to make it” looks like with the Snapper surfer.