The Falls Through Time: Falls Fest Day 3

As we stumble through the dark, and the dim lights from the tents begin to fade and the echoes of The Kooks final chords stop ringing in our ears, we’re herded like cattle through the dusty gates back into the real world, back into the life we knew before the three days of Falls Festival…

The Slow Starters and Heavy Hitters: Falls Fest Day 2

Glass Animals steal the night and Dune Rats get muddy for day two of the Falls Festival Byron Bay. It was a sluggish morning as the summer sun began its eventual attempts to dry the fields from the following night’s rain. The camp grounds from across the Byron Shire sprouted slow starters like weeds in…

The Inaugural Hey Sunshine Festival

​The inaugural Hey Sunshine Festival was a downpour of brews, tunes, market stalls, live artists and some of the Coast’s best food. Burleigh Brewery played host to the night’s entourage of music lovers while sheltering the early arrivals from the onslaught of rain that continued to buffet the evening. But in the name of music,…

The Beilligerents are Back

Not only are the Belligerents back but they’ve found a sound that’s unique and best described as a worldly psych-pop. Hailing from Brisbane, the five piece have proudly launched their first full-length record, Science Fiction, opening a new chapter for Australian music. After nailing their Triple J Like-a-Version cover of Praise You and earning top…

Closing the Final Pages

Us Wayfarers is, sadly, at the end of its journey. What I concept-ed in a beer fuelled conversation and built on my dinosaur of a computer was widely well received and to all of you reading this, I thank you.

Introducing the Ruiins

Pat and Adam moved to the Gold Coast five years ago and calling the place home mightn’t be in their vocabulary yet but the friends they’ve made, the places they’ve seen, and the experiences they’ve had has left the Gold Coast as a permanent imprint.


Us Wayfarers were invited to Trapdoor’s very first gig. What were we to expect? They were the opening band to a sold out crowd. We arrived early for a brief chat with the boys. Twenty minutes later and they’re on stage blowing minds. We have a moshpit rocking out one song deep, a cabaret of fans, new and old, and chicks’ panties flying left right and centre. Okay, the last one may have been exaggerated, but the rest was aweinspiring. If you could play a first gig then you’d want it to go exactly like that night.