The Falls Through Time: Falls Fest Day 3

As we stumble through the dark, and the dim lights from the tents begin to fade and the echoes of The Kooks final chords stop ringing in our ears, we’re herded like cattle through the dusty gates back into the real world, back into the life we knew before the three days of Falls Festival…

Small Comfort

For the lotus to grow there must be a desolation.
In 2004 the South-Western Province of Sri Lanka was devastated by a tsunami that tore roots from the earth. Today we remember the fallen, yet as we are born anew each day too is the soil, too is the wind, too is the sea; as it wont to be.

Closing the Final Pages

Us Wayfarers is, sadly, at the end of its journey. What I concept-ed in a beer fuelled conversation and built on my dinosaur of a computer was widely well received and to all of you reading this, I thank you.

Get Salte

Salte is a swim wear label from the Gold Coast, designed and created by Sharna Hupfeld, a twenty-three year old graphic designer and photo-journalist. If you think you’ve heard of Salte, then you’re probably not imagining it. The locally grown label has grown much beyond its roots, becoming a high profile attire all across Australia, and the world.